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Fluorescent Protein Assay 

AquiPEP Protein & Peptide Quantification Kit is designed for accurate and highly sensitive quantification of proteins.

This assay doesn’t precipitated or denatured peptides, samples can therefore be reused. AquiPEP is significantly more sensitive and reliable than existing standard colorimetric assays and this especially for difficult to measure proteins.

AquiPEP Protein & Peptide Quantification offers many advantages compared to other peptides quantification methods.

Indeed, the dye reversibly binds to Lysines, arginine and histidine residues of peptides and proteins, generating an intense red fluorescence.

A high sensitivity is obtained, with a wide dynamic range.

AquiPEP Protein & Peptide Quantification is robust to substances that inhibit most peptide assays and is particularly suited to quantifying peptides in samples prepared for chromatography 1-D and 2-D electrophoresis, IEF gels and anywhere accurate quantification of peptides is needed.

In addition this assay is economical and suitable for many applications such as mass spectrometry, HPLC, N-terminal sequencing, DIGE …

AquiPEP Protein & Peptide Quantification is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, safe and easy to remove.

• Very sensitive: 100 ng/mL (peptides) and 40 ng/mL (proteins)
Low peptide-peptide or protein-protein variability, improving accuracy for complex samples
• Wide dynamic range, over 3-orders of magnitude
Robust to interfering compounds: such as DNA, Detergents, DTT and Urea
• Safe and environmentally friendly: non-toxic, heavy metal free
• Easy to use and quick: 60 minutes, no heating and no reduction steps
• Designed for use in a wide range of fluorescence measuring instruments

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