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Products commercialized by AquiStain are new fluorescent biomarkers and result of an innovative technology and patented know-how.

This is a new generation of fluorescent labels, non toxic, and more sensitive developed for identifying and quantifying low-abundance proteins.

Gels & Blots Stains:

AquiStain RED Fluorescent Total Protein Stain is the most sensitive fluorescent staining available for the detection of total proteins separated on 1D and 2D gel electrophoresis, PVDF and nitrocellulose membranes and is fully compatible with mass spectrometry.

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Fluorescent Protein Assay:

AquiPEP Protein & Peptide Quantification Kit is designed for accurate and highly sensitive quantification of proteins.
This assay doesn’t precipitated or denatured peptides, samples can therefore be reused. AquiPEP is significantly more sensitive and reliable than existing standard colorimetric assays and this especially for difficult to measure proteins.

Live Cell Imaging Stains:

AquiCell Live Cell Imaging Stain is a fluorescent marker with a low molecular weight and small size. This fluorophore is non-toxic, cell-permeable and can be excited by several laser sources. Moreover, AquiCELL binds covalently and reversibly to primary amines, permitting detection and analysis of biomolecules.